Wednesday, April 21, 2010

track 1: Frozen Rivers

I remember writing the words to this song down the margin of a notebook, on a page where i had been writing a different song (which i never finished). It was a super stormy night and i was walking home from the bus station after work, and knowing i had no worthy dinner at our apartment (my wife [then girlfriend] was still at work) i stopped at one of the restaurants that overlook the Grand River in downtown Galt. I feel that the song explains what it is i saw.


music & lyrics by Ian George Light

I’ll watch this frozen river as it gently does not flow

Solid now to walk across but never should you go

Down the steps that lead you yo the water down below

Quiet now as frozen it is far too hard to flow

When it storms as such

I can’t see the horizon

Everything is white

But blue when comes

the night.

but blue when comes the (k)night

I play music sometimes; often in a band called Grand River Orchestra, but also on my own. Last year I made a record with my friend Brennan. It was so much fun to spend days at a time in his tiny basement apartment in little Portugal; playing guitars and tiny pianos and finishing songs that had spent a long time on backburners.

I was thinking that intermittently over the next few weeks or months I might blog the lyrics, in order, to the songs on said album. I think I’ll probably include some notes on any memories I might have associated with either the composition or of the recording itself. I guess it’s best to start at the beginning.

click here to hear or buy any of these songs.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let us compare mythologies.

List 1.b.

1. Understandings…various.

2. The Religious Holiday Overlap Flip-book.*

3. Is sawdust really good for my lawn…or is it more of a gold-dust woman?

4. Feeling used & abused by a chosen creative field…whether by the field itself or by folks you know who know nil about it.

5. Chelsea Hotel or Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye by Leonard Cohen. I defy anyone to find any song anywhere in any language that says any more half as well as these two.

6. I can look out my front window without feeling strange…thanks to my new desk-location.

A young Julius Caesar, kidnapped and held for ransom by Mediterranean Pirates; pirates with whom he would eat & exercise & generally cavort with, warned them all that upon his release he would hunt them down and crucify each and every last one of em on the beach. He did.

There was once this Island Mountain near Indonesia named Krakatoa. It was so tall that Sailors throughout the entire South Pacific could use it navigationally. In 1883 it exploded with 13,000 times the power of Little Boy, scourge of Hiroshima. The ash that filled the skies in all corners of this earth is said to be what made the churning skies Technicolor in Edvard Munch’s THE SCREAM.

Which is all to say that Bigfoot is probably real…& I bet there are tons of them.

*I should make one.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

that whole part of the yard would have been in the shade this time last year.

That Kid & I played outside today. She wore a sweater that fit her at 3 months.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Having wicked (read: evil) pets & a new addiction to old news.

List 1.a.
  1. Into which corner should I move my desk?
  2. What sort of lunch should I prepare for the kid?
  3. Flying saucers & other sky phenomena. What's that about?
  4. Is it possible for me to play instrumental music without it sounding Klezmer?
  5. What's with Klezmer anyways?
  6. I have never tied new classical strings...but i need to.
  7. Remember to water the plants. Soon.

The cats continue to knock things from counters as the warm spring breeze drives them MAD! I have become hooked on a TV show that people have been watching for years, that I was to stubborn to start earlier. So far, Hurley is my favorite.