Wednesday, April 21, 2010

track 1: Frozen Rivers

I remember writing the words to this song down the margin of a notebook, on a page where i had been writing a different song (which i never finished). It was a super stormy night and i was walking home from the bus station after work, and knowing i had no worthy dinner at our apartment (my wife [then girlfriend] was still at work) i stopped at one of the restaurants that overlook the Grand River in downtown Galt. I feel that the song explains what it is i saw.


music & lyrics by Ian George Light

I’ll watch this frozen river as it gently does not flow

Solid now to walk across but never should you go

Down the steps that lead you yo the water down below

Quiet now as frozen it is far too hard to flow

When it storms as such

I can’t see the horizon

Everything is white

But blue when comes

the night.

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